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The London Visual Impairment Forum (LVIF), in conjunction with the Thomas Pocklington Trust, is working on a programme to develop and support the implementation of  a Local Vision Strategy that promotes a high quality and consistent level of support for blind and partially sighted people in every London borough. For ease of efficient administration, London has been divided into 5 clusters.

East London Vision (ELVis) is the cluster for the 7 geographical areas that naturally cover all of east London north of the Thames:

  • Barking and Dagenham
  • City and Hackney
  • Havering
  • Newham
  • Redbridge
  • Tower Hamlets
  • Waltham Forest.


ELVis is designed to provide an effective and efficient way of ensuring that vision impaired people living in East London get the support and services they need. It is an umbrella  organisation with voluntary sector, user led representation in each of the east London boroughs.

Our vision is that everyone living in East London experiencing, or at risk of, any form of sight loss, receives a high quality service relevant to their need and at a time appropriate for themselves.

Our aim is to:

  • support existing quality and sustainable sight loss services being delivered throughout East London
  • connect sight loss service providers delivering within and across borough boundaries
  • create new sight loss services where they are required and do not currently exist
  • empower local voluntary societies of vision impaired people to operate in a productive and effective way alongside health and statutory sector partners.


ELVis will achieve this aim by:

  • providing advice on the creation of new projects, activities and campaigns
  • supporting membership initiatives
  • sharing information and helping to form effective partnerships
  • performing back office functions
  • implementing effective communication mechanisms
  • assisting with income generation
  • connecting cross borough initiatives
  • creating required services where they do not currently exist
  • promoting organisation and service sustainability.


The partnership of ELVis, as an enabler, and local societies, as deliverers in the 7 London boroughs, achieve the following benefits for vision impaired people:

  • an extensive range of high quality services
  • user involvement in planning and evaluating service developments
  • the right support available when required
  • effective communication, allowing relevant information to be accessible
  • equal access to education and life long learning
  • a wider range of employment and voluntary opportunities on offer
  • every opportunity to live life as independently as possible
  • collaboration between agencies that provide services
  • sharing of information and ideas
  • a better understanding of eye health
  • the development of cross borough activities and partnerships
  • stronger and more sustainable local societies.


Meet the staff

Photo of Roger Clifton

Roger Clifton, Chief Executive Officer


Photo of Masuma Ali

Masuma Ali, Service Development and Delivery Manager

Photo of Sharon Schaffer

Sharon Schaffer, UK Vision Strategy Implementation Manager


Photo of Leah Bowen 

Leah Bowen, Rehabilitation Worker

Laura Ross

Laura Ross, Service Development and Delivery Officer

Christine Edmead

Christine Edmead, Administration and Information Officer


Please access the following items for further information about ELVis:


To keep up-to-date with what ELVis is doing at a practical level, check the weekly update section on the Homepage and the latest news on the news page.

If you would like to discuss any ELVis related matter in more detail, please contact Roger Clifton, CEO, 07572 359349, or


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